Latest Past Events

CCB Seminar: Regina Barzilay (MIT): Infusing Biology into Molecular models for drug discovery


Regina Barzilay, MIT Zoom link: Abstract: The first generation of AI chemistry models was based on 2D models of molecular structure. Given sufficient amounts of training data, these models can be effectively used to predict a range of biochemical properties, to perform lead optimization and to support full de-novo design. However, the utility of […]

CCB Industry Talk: The genetic determinants of mRNA degradation rates in mammals

Location: 125 Li Ka Shing (please note: there will be a reception after the talk (at 4 PM), at the foyer area) Zoom link: Speaker Bio: Vikram Agarwal is currently a Senior Computational Biologist at Calico Life Sciences LLC, an Alphabet company whose mission is to better understand the mechanisms underlying human aging. There […]

CCB Seminar: Why are most human phenotypes so extremely polygenic?

Talk by Dr. Jonathan Pritchard (Professor of Genetics and of Biology, Stanford University) Zoom link: Abstract: One of the central challenges in genetics is to understand¬†the mapping from genetic variation to phenotypic variation. During the past 15 years, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been used to study the genetic basis of a wide variety […]